The city still has a long ways to go, we've had a lot of work cancel due to venues flooding or just out of respect for the charitable needs that relate directly to flood victims. We wish the best outcome possible for those in the way of Maria, and for the earthquake victims in Mexico. India has been dealing with flooding, it's been a rough couple of months for the world. That said, music can provide a respite from the storm. Come out and let us give you a mental massage.

Compelling music for exceptional events

NEW! Thursday      09.21   Akashi  6 to 9pm  
Friday                      09.22  City Centre  7 to 10pm
Sunday                    09.24 private event
Thursday     09.28   private event
See below for more details

Rom and Edita
6 to 9pm
Thursday 9.21
8216 Kirby Dr. (77054)
beautiful room Spirits, Sushi, and music. A fine way to celebrate the end of the's almost the weekend.
City Centre
City Centre 7 to 10pm
September 22
On the plaza
Rom Ryan Solo
Great place to bring the kids, surrounded by patios. Eating drinking shopping and just hanging out are all encouraged.
Come out and let me take you away from it all for a few hours.
Rainbow Lodge
Friday 10.13.17
 6 to 9pm
2011 Ella Blvd, Houston, TX 77008
Wonderful patio and restaurant. If you want to meet some great people this is the place to do it. Come and make some new friends or get your evening started with some old ones. We'll provide the sound track.

To all of you that support live music
Shukrun, Merci, Danke. Grazie, Teshekkurler,
 Gracias, Rakhmat, Spasibo
Dekuji, Dakujem, Xie Xie
Tack ska du
Rom Ryan


What People Are Saying?

Hi Rom,
I just wanted to thank you again for tonight! You guys are awesome! I also wanted to thank you for letting us use your mikes – especially when it wasn't on the agenda! J Everyone loved you (I know you are used to that!) and you made our event a real success! It was great meeting you all and I look forward to working with you again in the future. I will check your website for dates that we can come and see you again very soon.
Thank you!!!

Ginger Moon, Houston Zoo

I've given our folks who arrange events my recommendation for your group for any corporate or executive events. I had the chance to hear your team at a tennis charity event a few months ago, went online and bought music as it was fantastic! The young lady that plays the guitar has a certain charm that comes across, the percussion was perfect in balance and the overall spirit lively and entertaining.
Keep up the good work!

Lloyd Boyd, Vice President, CIO - Friedkin Services Group




Choice Awards Houston Chronicle 2005 National Independent Music Awards 2004 H Texas magazine 2003
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